Triceratops Like Dinosaur

The Triceratops is a dinosaur that is part of the Ceratopsidae family and one of the most famous dinosaurs because of its appearance. It lived about 65 million years ago and had three horns on the face, hence the name “Triceratops,” which means “three-horned face.” It also had a frill on the back of its skull and a bulky body.
The “Ceratopsidae” family includes several dinosaur species, many of which look like Triceratops, but with smaller differences.

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Styracosaurus - Had only one horn.

This Dinosaur had only one horn in its face, just like the Triceratops, and no horns above its eyes. However, even though Styracosaurus had only one horn on its nose, it had, other than Triceratops, lots of horns on its frill on the back of its head and was also very bulky. It reached a size of 6 meters (19.6 feet), making it bigger than Triceratops. Styracosaurus lived from about 75 million years ago and became extinct long before Triceratops appeared. Both dinosaurs were herbivores, eating only plants. They lived in herds and were very well protected from predators.

Torosaurus - Might be A Triceratops

Torosaurus was thought to be a different species than Triceratops, but new studies suggest it was the same Dinosaur, just a bit older. They both lived during the same time, had the same face, frill, and horn characteristics, and were herbivores.

Paleontologists thought it was a different species because the found skeleton was a million years older and slightly bigger than Triceratops.

Pentaceratops - A Triceratops Like Dinosaur With Lots Of Horns On Its Frill. 

The Pentaceratops is another triceratops like DinosaurDinosaur with 3 horns on its face and some small horns on its frill. It also had a shorter and more slender body shape than Triceratops, with a body length of 6 meters (20 ft). Pentaceratops lived 76–73 million years ago but died out before the Triceratops appeared. This DinosaurDinosaur was an herbivore and ate only plants as well.


That guy was huge! Even though it had a similar size to the Triceratops, its skull was with a length of up to 2.65 m (8.7 ft), one of the longest skulls a land animal ever had. In addition, on its head, it had two big horns and one smaller horn between them. 

Just like the Triceratops, these dinosaurs were herbivores.

Chasmosaurus – That Dinosaur Looked Like A Small Triceratops

Chasmosaurus had a bulky body like the others and horns similar to the Triceratops, but it was smaller than most of them with fewer than 5 meters (16 feet). Chasmosaurus lived 76,4 – 72 million years ago and died out before the Triceratops appeared.

Leptoceratops - A triceratops-like Dinosaur without horns

Leptoceratops lived 69 – 66 million years ago look like Triceratops without horns. It also had no frill and was much smaller than his other relatives. It had a different strength, though. It was a biped, which means this adorable dino was able to walk on two legs.

Long Story Short

Triceratops was a fantastic creature and part of the Ceratopsidae family, along with other dinosaurs that looked like Triceratops, with big horns and frills and a shield on the back of his head. Some had lots of horns, some had only one horn, and some had no horns at all.

It was not only an adorable dinosaur but also very well protected against predators, which made it easier for him to walk around in herds without having to fear that much about what he would encounter. 

Being herbivores, they didn’t hunt other animals but ate only plant material.

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