Bee Lover Gift Ideas

We crossed a dinosaur with a bee to create the perfect Bee lover gift! At least for bee-people who also love dinosaurs.


The B-Rex!

A bee rex is a crossbred between a tyrannosaurus rex and a bee.

The result of this unique mix is an extremely ferocious, yet cuddly, creature that is just too cute for words. While it has all of the menacing ferocity of its dinosaur ancestors, this hybrid dinosaur has wings and can fly at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour – just like a normal bee!

It has the ability to sting its enemies, as well as fly. The B-Rex inhabits the physics of a t-rex, but the ability to fly and sting like a bee. Its yellow color with black stripes is a warning for potential predators. It says don’t mess with me dude, or I will stab and eat you before making honey from your carcass. The B Rex can hunt each animal in the forest, but no incidents between humans and a B Rex have ever been reported.

Evidence suggests that the B Rex doesn’t even know that humans exist.

The best way to spot a B Rex in real life is to plant a carcass of a triceratops, or similar dinosaur in a flowery meadow, and just wait for it to appear. You need a bit of patience, but you may get lucky.

Bee Lover Gift Ideas

The amazing thing about these creatures is that once you’ve seen one, you will never forget them, and you won’t stop thinking about getting one as a pet! We don’t sell our B-Rex, though. It’s not that we don’t trust you, but you’re a stranger from the internet, and our B-Rex is a quite demanding animal. We’ve got something better for you! 


If you love the B-Rex as much as we do, visit our shop, where you’ll find the most beeutiful B Rex gift ideas, like shirts (for him, for her, and for kids), mugs, and art!

Is the Bee Rex threatened?

These animals used to be very common, but they are now almost extinct. Many biologists believe, that less than ten thousand individuals still exist. The B-Rex is dying because of pesticides. These chemicals are absorbed by the roots of the plant and then transferred to its pollen and nectar. The B Rex collects nectar from these flowers and gets a deadly dose of pesticides in each sip. 

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