7 Gift Ideas For A Skier

Let your skier unleash his inner prehistoric beast on the slopes with this list of 7 great gift ideas for a skier who loves dinosaurs. Whether they’re outdoor enthusiasts or couch potatoes, they’re sure to have some fun with these dinosaur-themed gift ideas.

From a dinosaur mug to clothes and phone cases, our Ski T-rex designs make the perfect gift ideas for a skier who loves dinosaurs and cute animals.

1) Sking Dinosaur Coffee Mug

Mind you: The Dinosaur on the mug is a skier, not the coffee mug! 😀 For the skier who loves dinosaurs and coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this is the perfect gift. Our coffee mugs are affordable, Dishwasher safe, and, unlike with clothes, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size!

Skier Gift Ideas 2) A Dinosaur Clothes

Our skiing dinosaur is available on t-shirtshoodies, and other clothes. If you know the right size of the person you need a gift for, get one of our shirts! Perfect for everyday use whether you need something for a little boy or a grown-up man or woman – if the recipient loves skiing and dinosaurs, they will love getting this shirt or hoodie. Available in different colors and sizes.

Skier Gift Ideas 3) Pillows

Winter is either cold and dark, or warm and cozy – depending on what you make of it! Our T Rex pillows will help make the season cozy for the person who gets one as a birthday or Christmas present. Some people say a skiing dinosaur is silly, but guess? None of these people was ever able to prove that dinosaurs were unable to ski!

4) A Dinosaur Ski Travel Mug

Traveling a lot? Chances are you or the gifted one have to travel a lot if you want to ski! Any better gift ideas for a skier than a travel mug? For the skier who loves dinosaurs and traveling, this is the perfect gift. It’s more expensive than a normal coffee mug, but also more unique!

5) Phone Cases

Dinosaurs are the coolest creatures to ever walk the Earth. You can’t deny it! And that’s why these cool phone cases make perfect gifts for a skier who’s a dinosaur lover. With these fun and clever ski accessories, your favorite skier can prove to all his friends on the slopes that he’ll be the fiercest dino around. 

Gift Ideas For Skier #6) Bags

So, you like dinosaurs and skiing? That’s weird! Who would have thought that you’d put those two things together? Just kidding, we know that dinos and skiers go together like a shopping cart and a wobbly wheel! And speaking of shopping, why not get a dinosaur-ski shopping bag for the athletic dinosaur lover? They’re cheap and don’t need to know which size fits. Can’t do much wrong!

7) Dinosaur Face Masks

Finally, ski face masks featuring a dinosaur! You might or might not like them, but one thing is for sure: Most people are more attractive with a mask over their face. 😀 And what’s better than having a cute t rex on your face? 

Skier Gift Ideas

Whether you need ski gift ideas for a boy or a girl, an adult woman or a man, or skiing dinosaur design is perfect for every skier who loves dinosaurs. Get yours now and add some RAWR to someone’s life!

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