Dinosaur Gift Ideas For Girls

Dinosaur Gift Ideas For Girls


Just the thought of finding the right gifts for a little princess may cause you to panic! But we put together a list of 9 RAWRSOME dinosaur gift ideas for girls that you can gift your daughter, niece, granddaughter and every other little dinosaur-loving girl on their birthday, for Christmas or just so, just because every little girl loves and deserves a present every now and then and all that without breaking the bank. So screw stupid blonde dolls and screw adorable ponies (yeah, they’re actually cute but come on, our site is all about dinosaurs) and let’s start with our list!

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#1 Dinosaur Shirts For Girls

We combined dinosaurs with other themes like birthday parties, Halloween, Music Instruments, and more to create the perfect dinosaur shirt for girls! What’s better than getting a shirt with a piano-playing dinosaur or a witch dinosaur as a gift?

#2 Plush Dinosaurs

A classic gift for kids! Plush dinosaurs are available in many different species (t-rex, triceratops, brontosaurus, raptor, etc) and colors like pink or blue and are almost always a welcomed gift for every little girl – with affordable costs. They’re cozy, adorable and the best thing is – they won’t bite! Which makes them a perfect dinosaur gift for a young girl.

#3 Pajamas And Bathrobes

Transform a little girl into a dinosaur with a cozy pajama – or a warm bathrobe. Perfect for a beach vacation or for the evening when she comes out of the tub to dry off – not only on cold winter days. An affordable gift that every child will love

#4 Board Games

Not just board games – Dinosaur board games!

Children are into board games and if you’re searching for a gift for a dinosaur loving girl – consider this as a perfect gift. You need more than one to play which turns playing time into an exciting and social adventure for the whole family and/or her best friends.

#5 A RAWRSOME Dino Gift Basket

It’s that easy: Find an affordable basket (or a dinosaur themed bag if you can) and fill it with cheap stuff – like a coloring book (with dinosaurs!), a deck of cards, maybe a book or movie about dinosaurs or an adorable, sorry, ad-RAWWR-able plush dino. And maybe some sweets to finish it off. It all depends on how much you want to spend.


#6 Movies about dinosaurs

Truth be told, there are a sh..load dino-mite movies available – fantasy or documentary.
Good movies are always a great gift for a girl and never out of style – and they can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family.




#7 Books

Books are great dinosaur gifts for girls of every age! Picture books for a toddler, short stories for preschoolers and encyclopedias or adventure books for older girls. Books are educational, exciting, and affordable! And look good on every desk.


#8 Art

Most kids enjoy paint by numbers or coloring books. Those are not that expensive and make every young girl feel like an artist. One more positive effect – it keeps the child busy and may give mom and dad a short rest – which is something parents of a toddler might like.




Don’t forget! You can download our printable dinosaur coloring book for free.

#9 Bath Bombs!

A wonderful dinosaur gift for girls is bath bombs! Wouldn’t it be nice to turn bath time into a prehistoric adventure? Just drop some “Dino eggs” (bath bombs) into your bathtub and the adventure can begin. This would be a lot of fun for the little one.

We hope our dinosaur gift ideas for girls were helpful and you found some interesting and unique gifts for the little princess. If she is into dinosaurs, the chance is, she’ll love every dinosaur-related gift.

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