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This is a short gift guide for 4-9-year-old kids who love dinosaurs – we have an extra guide for dinosaur gifts for babies, dinosaur gift ideas for 2-3-year-old toddler and of course extra dinosaur gifts guides for boys, girls and teenager.

By now you probably noticed how much we love dinosaurs. If we could clone a dinosaur and keep it as a pet – we would SO do it. If there would be a prehistoric dinosaur park with cloned dinosaurs – we would so go and visit it – no matter if we end up as dino snacks. If it would be possible to travel in time and visit dinosaurs – yep, we would soooo do it! Nothing beats a short vacation in Laramidia (now known as North America) to play and hug a tyrannosaurus rex or a triceratops. What a trip that would be!

Of course, we’re not the only ones who feel like that – which is why you’re here. To add some RAWR to someone’s life. For kids, dinosaur-related toys make perfect gifts. Because they were strong, mythic, cool, wild, untamed and free. Sounds actually a bit like the definition of a young child. After all, it seems the longer dinosaurs are extinct, the more popular they become. And if you’re searching for adRAWRable dinosaur gifts for kids – read on!

Here is our top 10 list with dinosaur gifts for kids




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10) Plush Animals

RAWRight, that’s a no brainer – but we don’t know if you’re searching a dinosaur gift for your child, for a friend’s child, your niece or nephew, or for some weird kid that you actually don’t like but have to be nice to, because it’s the child of your boss, or of some distant relative that you always try to avoid but they’re still coming to visit you all the time for cake, beer and to use your toilette because theirs is clogged. GRRRrr. Let’s talk about dinosaurs again!

Plush animals are a perfect gift because they’re available in all price ranges starting at $10 plus they’re soft, cute, huggable and make a great toy, decoration and a good companion when it’s bedtime.

If that’s too boring or you’re searching for a bigger gift – here’s #9!

9) Dinosaur Bedding

Slightly more expensive but the best way to turn bedtime into a prehistoric adventure for kids who dream of dinosaurs are beddings. The great thing about dinosaur beddings is they are great for years to come – a 4-year-old loves dinosaurs and a 6-year-old as well – and they might want to use them for a long time. A gift that lasts.

8) Educational Toys

You think kids don’t like education because it’s boring? RAWWRNG!
Not with an educational dinosaur toy for kids! Educational toys make ad-ROAWR-able gifts for a young boys or girls. Playing is the best way to learn and with the right gift, kids might discover and develop their interest in science. Who knows, maybe that’s the start of a great career as a paleontologist!


7) Books

We have had a hard time finding the right books when writing our dinosaur gift guide for a 2-3-year-old toddler because they can’t read! It’s much easier with kids around 5 and older because they are in an age when they start learning to read. Most dinosaur books include lots of illustrations and are great fun for kids. The school would be so much easier and more fun if dinosaur books would be part of school education.


6) Coloring Books

Coloring books are a good and cheap gift for kids – they keep them busy and entertained, support their creativity and the books aren’t that expensive – good if you’re on a budget or as second gift, a gift for no particular reason if you just want to spoil a lucky child or as a cheap gift for some annoying kid that you actually don’t like, but have to have a gift for, like the child of a distant relative that always bullies your cat! Dammit Jimmy, leave our cat alone!

5) Dinosaur Clothes

There are things we all need. Like clothes. And there are things we all want. Like – dinosaurs! That’s why dinosaur clothes make perfect gifts for kids. We don’t mean boring shirts with a T Rex on it. Nope. We talk about something special. Something extravagant. Something cozy, warm, cute, useful and unique. Something that, … well, just look for yourself!

dino clothes links here

Something like this. Transform your little son or daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew into a dinosaur! It’s great for you too. If you can’t keep a dinosaur as a pet, great your own one! All you need is a child and the right clothes.


4) Dino Night Lights

These dinosaur night lights with 3D effect make nighttime easier – because who wouldn’t enjoy going to sleep if 3 different dinosaurs watch the bed? Want a different color? Use the remote! A different dinosaur? Remote! This is one of the best dinosaur gifts for kids and fun is almost guaranteed.


3) Dinosaur Backpacks

A great gift for children who love dinosaurs is dinosaur backpacks. Just one word of warning – it may be a better idea to ask them if they want this backpack, no matter if it’s for school or kindergarten, vacation, etc. It would be disappointing FOR YOU and a waste of money if the backpack stays unused in the corner.


2) RAWRSOME Dinosaur Toys

Not much to say about this – toys are fun- That’s what they were made for. Here are some great dinosaur toy gift ideas for kids that you probably didn’t think of (which totally justifies the existence of this guide ;)):


1) Dinosaur Puzzle

No, not those boring flat puzzles you get in every store. A 3D dino skeleton puzzle! Puzzles are a RAWRSOME way to keep a child busy and entertained – depending on the age of the gifted, it may need some help to assemble. If you search for a gift for the birthday party of a young boy or girl, and you’re afraid someone else may give the same gift as you – get a puzzle like this! You’re most likely the only one to give such an ad-ROAWR-able gift and the WWOOOOW effect is almost certain.

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