Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaurs keep fascinating children and have never been so popular. Kids love them! Especially boys – but over the last years girls have developed an interest in dinosaurs as well. They’re just getting more popular! And if you need some ideas about how to throw a RAWRSOME dinosaur themed birthday party for kids – keep reading!

A dinosaur bday party is not only fun for kids, but also an easy and affordable birthday theme for parents. Because decorations for an event like this aren’t as expensive or hard to get as you may think. You can buy about everything online or from your local store – from dinosaur balloons to dino bday cakes and birthday invitations. And because of the growing popularity, all these products are produced in mass, which sounds a bit negative, but that’s what makes them super affordable – and your kids will enjoy and never forget this RAWRSOME dinosaur birthday party!

We won’t cover gifts in this article because dino-themed bdays are a fun event for every child – while a 2-year-old girl wants different gifts than a 12-year-old boy. That’s why we have written special dinosaur gift guides:


Dino Gifts For Kids

Dinosaur Gift Ideas For Girls

Dinosaur Gifts For 2-3 Year Olds/Toddlers


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1. Dinosaur Birthday Invitations

Let’s just start with dinosaur birthday invitations. Those will let everyone know the theme of your event ahead of time. If you really want special invitations, we recommend ordering from Zazzle.com, as they offer invitations with an option to personalize dates and a short message, and they offer a volume discount.

2. Dino-Mite Decorations

For the decorations, you will want to transform your party room, your living room or your garden, depending on where you actually plan to have the party, into a prehistoric jungle. You can easily order dino party supplies like balloons, cupcake toppers, birthday banners, tropical palm leaves, and garlands as a full set online, which saves you time and money. If your little cute-osaurus really is into dinosaurs, you may want to get some decorations that can be kept after the birthday is over, like posters, figures or playmats (depending on how old your child is).

3. Dinosaur Footprints

If you party outside, use chalk in different colors to paint some dinosaur footprints on the ground. Even if you don’t celebrate outside, you could do a few dinosaur footprints pointing to your house door – that’s a creative way to let guests know where the party’s at!

4. Dinosaur Party Hats

Those you can order cheap online. If you buy a dinosaur party supply set, they may include dinosaur party hats as well. 

5. Dinosaur Food Ideas

Depending on how creative you are and how much work you want to put in, you can bake a dinosaur cake and cookies, or just buy them. Especially if you have a huge guest list, buying cakes and cookies is much easier. Feel free to watch this video for RAWRSOME dino recipes – if you prefer to get creative yourself! Spoiler alert: You’ll learn how to make a volcano cake, “dinosaur” eggs, sweet dinosaur sticks and dino cookies. Enjoy!

6. Dinosaur Activities

A dinosaur-themed birthday party can’t be only cakes and cookies. Here are our favorite activity ideas for your little one’s bday!

6.1 Hunting Eggs

This is a game we usually play on Easter, but it’s a fun activity for a dinosaur themed birthday party as well. Hide chocolate eggs everywhere in your house or in your garden and let the egg hunt begin! It’s easy and fun and if you’re anti-chocolate, hide small dinosaur toys instead. If you’re afraid that one kid gets all of them and one gets no egg at all, let them hunt one after another until everyone has found one.

6.2 Pin The Tail – Of The Dinosaur

Give a dinosaur tail to a child and carefully spin it (the child, not the tail) around 3 times while wearing a blindfold (the child, not you). Make sure to point the child towards the dinosaur – you don’t want them to pin the tail on the forehead of another child. When it has placed the pin on the dinosaur, mark the spot with its name. You’ll have to repeat this with every child and the one who’s closest to the correct position wins the game. You can also play this game with a dinosaur tooth instead of a tail. 

6.3 Dig Out A Dinosaur

A perfect outside dinosaur bday party game for kids – if you own a sandpit and get lucky with the weather. Get some small dinosaur figures or toys and bury them in your sandpit. Let your little guests dig them out, like real paleontologists! Make sure every child has at least one turn so everyone can take something home with them.

6.4 Get a Dinosaur Pinata

And let those little bullies beat the dinosaur back into extinction! Pinatas are a RAWRSOME and traditional dinosaur birthday party activity – and so much fun! And full of candy. You can get your Pinata cheap and fast online.

6.5 The Good Old Egg & Spoon Race

The egg & spoon race is a cool bday activity for kids and everyone who takes part in the game must balance an egg upon a spoon and race with it to the finishing line. It’s a classic, but don’t forget to boil the eggs or you’ll get a mess and maybe some of the participants may get salmonella. Hurray! 🥳

6.6 Guess the eggs

Fill a transparent container like a glass or so with chocolate dino eggs or chocolate dinosaurs and let your guests guess the correct amount of the eggs. The child with the closest guess wins the game.

6.7 Dinosaur Egg Hatch

Blow up balloons (those are the dinosaur eggs) and fill them with confetti and dinosaur figures. Blow up more balloons and fill them with confetti only. You can play this game with two teams or everyone against everyone. Every child has to pop as many balloons as it can. Some balloons include dinosaurs, some only confetti and the child or team with the most collected dinosaurs wins a price. Some of your dinosaur figures may “disappear” (because some kids keep the dinosaurs rather than getting a price, lol)

6.8 Hide And Seek

There are two typical ways to play hide and seek.

One way to play hide and seek is only one child hides and the other children must find them and hide with them if they do. The last child to find the hiding group will be the hiding child in the next round.

Another way is all children but one hide and the found hiders will help the seeker to find the remaining hiders – but the child to be found the first becomes the next seeker.

This isn’t a strict dino activity, but we’d like to feature it on our list, because it’s just a fun game for kids to play, and it’s totally free and effortless.

Your dinosaur birthday party will be a fun adventure, without a doubt. Don’t feel overwhelmed – you don’t have to do all these things mentioned above to turn your bday party into a great success. Do your thing (mother knows best) and everyone will enjoy the evening and have something to talk about – until the next big event.

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