Triceratops Coloring Pages

Triceratops lived 68 – 66 million years ago and are among the most famous dinosaurs because of their neck frill and the horns above the eyes! It was a herbivore (plant-eating) dinosaur and probably lived in herds. It’s also one of our most beautiful coloring pages and perfect for kids who love dinosaurs. And the best thing is – it’s totally free!


Just hit the button or the pictures and download the PDF.

Did you know? When people first discovered a dinosaur skeleton and a skull, they thought they found remains of demons and dragons. Triceratops might be the reason why they thought the devil must have horns. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. The Triceratops is probably a quite friendly dinosaur, more like an elephant. 


Don’t go to close if you ever meet one, though. Their horns are sharp!


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