Fall Coloring Pages For Kids

Our fall coloring pages are perfect for keeping kids busy when the days are getting short, and the autumn leaves start to fall. This adorable triceratops goes for a walk on a beautiful fall day. I bet when this dino is coming home, it will spend the rest of its day coloring dinosaur pictures as well! Download the printable PDF now for free! Easy to print, easy to color.

Fall Coloring Pages.

Printable, Free, Easy To Color

 Coloring helps develop fine motor skills in young children and building hand-eye coordination, and color recognition is a breeze. And the best thing is – all our coloring pages are free to download.


Did you know? Ceratopsian dinosaurs (like the triceratops) were herbivores and ate plants! Books and movies often depict them fighting with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and even if both live during the same time (66-68 million years ago), it’s unclear if they have been opponents. The Tyrannosaurus was a carnivore but most likely preferred easier targets. And a 12-ton dinosaur with horns and a bony neck frill was not an easy target.

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We work hard to create the perfect fall coloring pages for kids who love dinosaurs. But guess what? We made it! And you can download the PDF for free. If you want to support us, visit our shop! You might find your little one’s new favorite shirt there.

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