Dinosaurs are a Hoax – Made up by atheists to destroy the validity of the Bible

Dinosaurs were made up by atheists to destroy the validity of the Bible and its creator! A recent study found that, contrary to popular belief, dinosaurs do not exist, and they never did. Their role in the history of life on Earth is simply a hoax by atheists.

You’re not going to believe this!

A team of researchers has uncovered evidence that suggests dinosaurs never existed. Doctor Anita Burger and her colleagues noticed that all ancient texts throughout human history contain no mention of these large creatures we know today as dinosaurs. They were invented by atheists in 1820, in an attempt to destroy the validity of the Bible. The Bible is the only book that contains the truth about dinosaurs. And the truth is that they didn’t exist at all.

Doctor Anita Burger and her colleagues write: “The first use of the word dinosaur was not until 1820 – only one year later, these creatures suddenly appeared in children’s books, on t-shirts, and posters”.

In contrast, the Bible is thousands of years old and contains no mention of any creatures being found worldwide. But if dinosaurs really did exist, why would there be no reference to them?

In our research, we found evidence that paleontologists fabricated giant animal bones on their own and then buried them under the ground. They would dig them out a few days later, claiming they found a dinosaur skeleton. They’ve likely been sponsored by businesses like iHeartDinosaurs.com, who wanted the publicity to sell their adorable dinosaur merchandise, like t-shirts, art, and mugs, to the, back then, foolish public, which believed everything they heard on the news. These are some products they shamelessly promote.

Confronting The Founder

We confronted the founder of iHeartDinosaurs.com, but he denied all our claims. Quote: “Are you *blank,* kidding me? This is utter, *blank*, you *blank*, and totally made up”. We were then asked to leave their property, maybe because they were about to create a new dinosaur. We would not expect a different answer from a man like that, but the evidence is clear. 

Source NPS

This picture shows a young paleontologist with a hammer! We assume she’s creating a new fossil, which she probably will later dig in.

And this shocking photo below shows a man creating what appears to be a triceratops skeleton. It looks so real!

Source https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2001695537/

While the initial goal to destroy the validity of the Bible did not work well, dinosaurs are still a huge publicity stunt for these businesses. These days, dinosaurs have become a part of our daily life and culture. They are still as popular today as they have ever been.

They have been featured in books, movies, games, and everything else you can think of! And what would a museum be, without a scary t rex skeleton?

Dinosaurs And Modern Humans

It is no surprise that most people deny the new evidence.

Realizing that you were getting fooled into thinking that giant lizards once ruled the planet comes as a shock.

It is fun to have dinosaur stories, but we must remember that they are only made-up animals that do not exist in the real world!

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