Dinosaur Summer Coloring Pages

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and bees are busy making honey. Summer! It’s one of my favorite four seasons, and of course, we have adorable summer coloring pages – each featuring an adorable dinosaur – for this time of the year as well.


So, download our summer coloring pages and sheets now as a free PDF! Perfect for keeping kids entertained on a long rainy day. Whether you need a picture to color for a boy or a girl, every young dinosaur lover enjoys spending an evening coloring a dinosaur. Feel free to visit all our collections if you like this one, as we offer lots of free printable coloring pages and sheets, all featuring dinosaurs. We’ve got everything from Christmas to realistic dinosaur coloring pages. And subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know if a new page was added!

This raptor enjoys a warm summer day with his kid.
picture shows an ice cream eating dinosaur coloring pages
A cute T Rex with a delicious ice cream.
Tyrannosaurus Going For A Hike.

You (or your little boy or girl) may also like our Spring collection. Just ignore the easter dinos if it’s summer already. 🙂

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100 + Printable Free Summer Coloring Sheets Featuring Dinosaurs

Guess what? We’ve got over 100 dinosaur coloring sheets for you – printable (PDF) and free. Coloring can help children recognize color, perspective, shape, and form. When a child colors it improves fine motor skills, which helps their dexterity, coordination, and balance. It also helps them practice staying within the lines which helps with learning how to write. Basic coordination skills like the proper way to hold the crayons, sharpening the crayons, and recognizing what color to use, can help your children greatly in their handwriting.
It also gives your child a sense of accomplishment when he finishes coloring a page. It gives him more confidence when he starts the next page and is able to recognize what he is supposed to do with it.
He also gets to know his shapes which will eventually lead him toward understanding how letters are made up of certain shapes, making it easier for him to recognize them while making art. So, what you’re waiting for? If your little one loves dinosaurs, download our summer coloring pages and the fun can begin!

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