Hiking Dinosaur Coloring Page

Download our printable hiking coloring page as a free PDF and print it from home! Fast, easy, affordable, and perfect for keeping a young dinosaur lover busy and entertained when the weather isn’t good enough for a good hike!

Guess what? We’ve got even more free dinosaur printables. Visit our dinosaur coloring pages or scroll down to see our collections. Trust us; if your kid loves dinosaurs and coloring, you’re going to find something for them!

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Getting more FREE coloring pages

Whether you need to keep a toddler, a preschool kid, or an older boy or girl busy, coloring pictures like our hiking coloring page featuring a dinosaur is a fun activity for little kids.

Our collections include hundreds of dino coloring pages with themes like Christmas, Halloween, Sports, Space Travel and Astronauts, Professions, Music, Letters and Numbers, and so much more. Coloring helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and color recognition is a breeze. Besides that, it’s just fun to spend a day at home creating a new piece of art for mum’s refrigerator. And before you even know it, your whole home turns into a gallery full of dinosaur pictures painted by your little one. 

Coloring is a fun way for toddlers and preschool children to grow their creativity, concentration, and motor skills while forgetting daily stress. There is no need to spend on costly coloring books when iHeartDinosaurs.com offers the same for free! But if you want to support us, visit our dino shop! You may find your little ones’ new favorite shirt, mug, or poster there.

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