Coloring Pages With Numbers

Our dinosaur coloring pages with numbers are perfect for keeping kids entertained while teaching them the alphabet – whether you have a toddler, a preschool boy or girl or an older kid. And they’re free to download! Just click the picture you want, download the PDF, print it from home, and let your little boy or girl do all the hard coloring work. What could be more fun than learning the ABC by coloring dinosaurs? Just wait how awesome these will look on your refrigerator! Advice! Don’t print all numbers at once, or your kids might rush the coloring process instead of enjoying it.

Sheet Number 1: This cute dinosaur is a baby triceratops. Printable and free to download, like all our coloring pages with numbers,
Sheet Number 2: Tyrannosaurus rex might be a dangerous predator, but isn't it a cute dinosaur while sleeping?
Sheet Number 3: A friendly Stegosaurus, just waiting for your little one to color it! No worries, it doesn't bite!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Sheet 4: This lovely dinosaur will help with Number 4! Just wait how RAWR-some this picture will look on your fridge.
Number 5: A Spinosaurus is going to help your little one learn Number 5! Fun fact about the spinosaurus - it lives on land and in the water, like a crocodile.
Dinosaur Coloring Page Number 6 got a cute smile, but careful, it's still a dangerous predator! Perfect for kids who want to learn numbers.
Coloring Page Number 7. Triceratops
Number 8: A T Rex, Free And Easy To Download
Number 9! No dinosaur collections is complete without a Brontosaur!

Guess what? features hundreds of free printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids. It doesn’t matter if you need something to color for a boy or a girl, for toddlers, preschool kids, or older children. We covered dozens of themes like Christmas, Halloween, Professions, Space, Music, of course, Numbers and Letters, realistic dinosaur coloring pages, and more. If your little one loves our coloring pages with numbers, chance are they want more, so please feel free to visit our collections below. Enjoy! 

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