Coloring Pages For Numbers

This adorable TRex baby looks cute while it’s sleeping, but don’t let its cuteness fool you – it’s full of energy and wild like an animal once it’s awake. And it also needs some color – and we’re confident you know the right artist for this job! So hit the download button, grab the free PDF, and let your future paleontologist have some fun while learning how to count with our coloring pages for numbers.

Our dinosaur coloring pages for numbers feature various themes and patterns to keep your little one entertained. Each features a different dinosaur to color. This is an excellent way for your child to begin learning the numbers 1-9 and enhance their fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. These pages are designed to be simple, so even the very youngest child can enjoy coloring away. You will find farm themes, Christmas and Halloween, trucks, different professions, etc.! Good for keeping your little one busy on a rainy day or a long road trip.

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