Number Coloring Pages Printable

Our printable Number 3 Coloring Page is perfect for teaching numbers to a young dinosaur lover. Just download the PDF and print it from home! There’s nothing better than learning the numbers 1-9 in a playful way. Then, of course, we have a complete collection of our Printable Number Coloring Pages for you. Our Number pages are designed with toddlers and preschool kids in mind and, therefore, easy to color.

The dinosaur behind the number 3 is called stegosaurus—a herbivore with spikes at the end of its tail and plates on its back. So, even if it’s supposed to be a friendly dinosaur, it’s better to stay away from its tail if you ever meet one. If your kid enjoys our dinosaur coloring pages feel free to see our entire collection. We feature various themes, like Christmas, Music, Sports, and also letters. Everything the heart of a young dinosaur lover desires.

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