Dinosaur Summer Coloring Sheet

Download our printable dinosaur summer coloring sheet as a PDF and print it from home! Perfect for keeping a little dinosaur lover busy on a rainy summer day or when it’s just too hot for playing outside. This picture shows a cute Trex baby jumping on its mom or dad (we can’t tell either). So if you think your little one might have fun coloring these, hit the button and download your PDF. Just wait how awesome this artwork will look on your fridge once your kid colored it. If dinosaurs aren’t your little ones’ thing, I’d recommend you visit supercoloring.com – their collection of summer coloring sheets is huge!

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Free Printable Summer Coloring Sheets Featuring Dinosaurs

Want more? Chances are if your little one tried our coloring pages once, he wants more! Sadly, our coloring pages are highly addictive. But worry not, we’ve got you covered. We at iHeartDinosaurs.com offer dozens of free printable dinosaur coloring sheets, with themes like Christmas, Sports, Music, etc. Everything the heart of a young dinosaur lover desires. Visit our collections below to find out more. We add new coloring sheets all the time! So come back now and then or subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know if a new sheet was added!

Why Coloring Is Important!

It’s never too early to start coloring! And while coloring certainly teaches children to think and imagine, it also has important developmental benefits. From exercising fine motor skills to enhancing a child’s creativity and imagination in a fun way, coloring is an activity that should be enjoyed by the entire family. Luckily, we offer every Summer Coloring Sheet as a free download, so you can print them from home. If you want to support us visit our shop! You might find your little one’s new favorite dinosaur shirt for the summer there. 

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