Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Our printable coloring pages are perfect for toddlers who love dinosaurs! And they’re totally free! Just click the picture or “download PDF” button and print the dinosaur picture from home. All you now need is a toddler with time and pencils. 

Our coloring pages for toddlers are basically our regular dinosaur coloring pages, but with fewer details and the background removed, making coloring easy for 2 or 3-year-olds. 

Groggy Tyrannosaurus sleeping on the moon.

Please notice: All our coloring pages are for non-commercial use only. You can print out as many as you wish for your kids, a birthday party, or a classroom, but do not resell or redistribute our files. We trust you! 😉

Educational Value For Young Girls

Dino traveling in a Hot Air Balloon.
T Rex Baby hatching from an egg.
Dinosaur Driving a Front Loader.

Coloring pages help toddlers develop fine motor skills. Not to mention how much fun it is! 

Whether you have a little boy or a girl, kids who love dinosaurs will enjoy every minute with our dino coloring pages. And before you know, your refrigerator will turn into a gallery full of dinosaur pictures colored by your little one!

Driving a Cement Mixer.
Triceratops playing Ball.
T Rex with an Umbrella.
A cute Plesiosaurus.
A lucky Brontosaurus.
Astronaut Coloring Page.

Our printable coloring pages as free to download and perfect for kids age 2 3 4. We removed some details and background to make the coloring easier for toddlers. If you want to see our full collection, visit our printable dinosaur coloring pages. We have more than 100 dino pictures just waiting to be colored. 

If our toddler coloring pages are too easy for your little artist, try some of our collections for older kids:

Christmas, Halloween, professions, letters and numbers, and classic natural dinosaur coloring pages like our tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, brontosaurus, velociraptor, triceratops.

Happy coloring!

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