Brachiosaurus Vs Brontosaurus

Brachiosaurus is a Greek word meaning “arm lizard,” referring to its long, powerful front legs. A Brontosaurus is also known as the “Thunder lizard.” For over 100 years, paleontologists thought a Brontosaurus was the same as Apatosaurus. However, paleontologists later discovered that Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus were two different dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus and Brontosaurus aren’t the same dinosaurs either.


What's the difference between a Brachiosaurus and a Brontosaurus?

Both dinosaurs are very similar animals. They’re both members of the sauropods (huge dinosaurs with very long necks), herbivores (eat plants), and lived in what’s now North America. They probably didn’t live at the same time.


Brachiosaurus Vs Brontosaurus Neck

The biggest difference between Brachiosaurus and Brontosaurus is probably their necks. The Brachiosaurus had a Giraffe-like neck and was able to eat leaves from treetops. However, the Brontosaurus was most likely unable to reach treetops because it was unable to hold its neck up high.

  • Brachiosaurus had a Giraffe-like Neck that reached higher
  • Brontosaurus was unable to hold its neck up high

The earliest Brachiosaurus fossils date from the late Jurassic period, around 154 million years ago. The oldest Brontosaurus fossils come from the Late Jurassic, approximately 156 million years ago. Fossils of both species have been found in rocks that were laid down in rivers. It’s possible that these huge animals drowned in deep mud and water after getting stuck.

  • Brontosaurus lived about 156.3–146.8 million years ago
  • Brachiosaurus lived 154–153 million years ago


The difference in size and weight.

Brachiosaurus wasn’t as big as a Brontosaurus.

  • Brachiosaurus was really big, about 21 meters (69 feet) long. It’s estimated to weigh up to 44 tons.
  • Brontosaurus weight was probably only about 30 tons, while it had a length of up to 22 meters (72 feet) long.

If it comes to size and weight, it’s worth mentioning that paleontologists who find a fossil don’t know how old the dinosaur was when it died. So if we compare a young sauropod (dinosaurs with long necks) to an adult, it’s evident that the old one is bigger.

Brachiosaurus Vs Brontosaurus In A Nutshell

The Brachiosaurus and the Brontosaurus were only different in some minor ways. They have a similar morphology (appearance) with very long necks, small heads, and short legs. Both animals were herbivores. They most likely didn’t live at the same time. Brontosaurus is slightly bigger than Brachiosaurus. Brachiosaurus had a Giraffe-like neck and could eat leaves from treetops, whereas the Brontosaurus could not reach trees because he couldn’t hold his neck up high enough.
The relationship between size, shape, and environment has always fascinated paleontologists. With this knowledge, they have found that a tiny change can lead to significant differences.

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