Outer Space Coloring Pages

Download our outer space coloring pages for free! We combined dinosaurs with space to create the perfect dinosaur pictures to color for boys and girls! Perfect for keeping kids busy during a bad weather day, on a long road trip, or just because it’s fun to color space-themed dinosaurs!

Just hit the button or click the picture, download the printable PDF for free and open the door to the world of dinosaurs with our printable coloring pages. These animals have captured our imaginations for generations, and now you can bring these ancient creatures back to life with one easy click.

Outer Space Coloring Pages
Aliens Coloring Page

We can’t prove that dinosaurs disappeared because aliens abducted them, but can you prove us wrong? Click the picture to download your coloring page.

Astronaut Coloring Page

Or maybe they invented space travel, everyone became an astronaut, left the planet before the asteroid hit – and started a new dinosaur civilization somewhere in a different galaxy.

Coloring Page of Space

And on the way to their new home, they stopped to take a nap on the moon! Like this T Rex. Or maybe he’s taking a nap until someone comes to color him

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Happy Halloween! iHeartDinosaurs.com features dozens of dinosaur coloring pages with many themes; besides Halloween, we have Christmas, Easter, Galaxy and Space, Traveling, Music, and other themes as well! So, feel free to visit our collections below and see all our printable coloring pages.

Coloring Pages: Spaceship

And the spaceship might look like this! Hit the button and get the coloring pages for free!

Paying money for coloring pages is so 2020! Get our printable Galaxy space coloring pages, each featuring a cute dino, for free! Click the picture you want and download the PDF file, and soon your home will turn into a museum full of dinosaur paintings, colored by your child! Perfect for parents and teachers, whether your kids are 4 or 40 14 years old. You’ll find the rest of our collection below.

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