Coloring Pages Astronaut

Coloring Pages Astronaut

Download our printable PDF Astronaut coloring pages now for free.

Click the picture or the download button and print the PDF from home. Kids who love dinosaurs and space will totally love to color this space-traveling Trex picture… trust me! It doesn’t matter if you have a toddler, a preschool kid, or an older child. I bet even dad would have fun coloring them!

The Space Traveling Dinosaur...

What if dinosaurs disappeared because they discovered space traveling, became astronauts, and traveled from planet to planet, making new friends?
I can’t prove it, but can you prove me wrong?
After all, humans have existed for 200.000 years, while dinosaurs have been around for 150.000.000 years. That’s enough time to develop proper technology!

All jokes aside: Visit our collections if you like our coloring pages with the astronaut. They’re perfect for keeping kids busy and are supposed to help develop fine motor skills. Click the sections below and you’ll find more free printable dinosaur coloring pages for your kids. 


We combined dinosaurs with different themes like Christmas, Halloween, Music, and of course, more space pictures to color.


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

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