Music Coloring Pages

Our beautiful music coloring pages are now available as digital download – for free! Perfect for keeping boys and girls with a love for music creative and entertained during cold or rainy days. Just click on the coloring picture your kids would like to color, then download and print the PDF. It’s that easy!


iHeartDinosaurs offers dozens if not hundreds of free printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids so feel free to visit our collections if your little one loves to color dinosaurs!

Drums Coloring Page
Guitar Coloring Page
Xylophone Coloring Page


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Piano Coloring Page
Viola Coloring Page
this is one of our coloring pages with a saxophone playing dinosaur
Saxophone Coloring Page

Our Music Coloring Pages Are Printable And Free And Each Page Features A Unique Dinosaur

We combined musical instruments with dinosaurs to create the perfect coloring sheets for boys and girls who love to color dinosaur pictures with a music theme.

Coloring is a fun activity that helps toddlers and preschool kids to improve their hand-eye coordination, which will come in handy as they grow up. It’s an important skill that builds over time, and learning how to color within the lines of our music coloring pages can be a helpful start. 

Coloring also takes the concentration to focus on one task at a time. If a child wants to color a specific dinosaur music picture, they’ll have to learn how to hold the crayon or pencil properly in order to make it stay within the lines of the picture. This helps with hand-eye coordination as well as other fine motor skills.
Our music coloring pages with dinosaurs are also great for children that have older siblings who are doing their homework or studying – young children may often feel left out when their older siblings get special attention from their parents!

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