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This adorable T Rex baby loves playing the Xylophone.

If you think a dinosaur playing a musical instrument is unrealistic: You can’t prove that dinosaurs didn’t make music! After all, they had 150.000.000 years to write great songs.


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More than just the Xylophone! Over 100 Printable Dino Coloring Pages Free To Download

Get all our cute coloring pages for free! Just visit our collections and print out what your kids love the most. offers dozens of printable dinosaur pictures to color, featuring themes like Christmas, Halloween, and of course, more music and musical instruments, like the Xylophone coloring page above! If your kids love dinosaurs and coloring, they’re going to love our coloring pages as well. And you will love the price: They’re free!

Coloring Is Important For Kids. Here's Why!

In our fast-paced world, it’s not easy to take a step back from the daily hustle and bustle. No matter how many times we read about the importance of “me time”, there’s always something else that needs our attention. Having downtime for ourselves is still highly underrated. Coloring is quite simply one of the best activities kids can do… it’s fun, relaxing, and helps maintain focus. And it’s also terrific for helping to develop fine motor skills! 


Explore the wonders of the musical instrument world by utilizing our coloring pages! Bring out your child’s creativity with these free printable piano coloring pages. There is no need to spend on costly coloring books when our page offers the same for free! Don’t like dinosaurs? You’ll find Xylophone’s without dinosaurs on here.

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