Easter Coloring Pictures

This adorable Trex hatched from an easter egg; the only problem is it needs some color! So if your little one wants to help, go ahead and download our easter coloring pictures for free!

What could be more fun for kids than spending time coloring dinosaur pages on easter? Just hit the button and print the PDF from home. Perfect for keeping boys and girls creative during a rainy, cold spring day.

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Spring is this extraordinary time of the year when everything starts to live again. It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, flowers begin to grow, and of course: Easter is coming! 

And our Easter Coloring Pictures are perfect for keeping boys and girls busy when it’s too cold or dark to play outside. They’re also perfect Easter decor for kids who love dinosaurs.


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We have dozens of free printable dinosaur coloring pages. If you want to see them all, hit the buttons below and see our collections. Besides our Easter images, you’ll find printable pictures to color with themes like space, sports, music, and more. Each page features a unique dinosaur and is easy to color, whether you have a toddler, a preschool, or an older kid.


Dinosaurs sparkle our imagination since their discovery. Open the door to the world of dinosaurs with our printable easter coloring pictures for kids. Fast, easy, affordable.  

We combined dinosaurs and themes like music, space, holidays, sport, and more to create the perfect shirts for kids who love dinosaurs! Visit our shop and get your little ones’ new favorite shirt!

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