Coloring Page Letter R

Coloring Page Letter R

Hey, guess what? Our coloring page with the letter R is perfect for keeping your little one entertained on a rainy day!


 And totally free. 


You can just download this adorable dinosaur coloring page for free and print it from home. 


We’re not even asking for a newsletter subscription. 

Get a full set!

The coloring page Letter R is just one part from our educational coloring images with Letters Numbers. We feature the whole alphabet plus number 1-9 and of course, all pages feature adorable dinosaurs. Made to entertain kids, not to bore them! And you’ll love the price – they’re free!



Perfect for keeping your little one busy on rainy days. Even though our velociraptor loves running around in the rain, catching raindrops, and playing in the mud, it’s much more fun to stay at home where it’s warm to color dinosaurs.

More Dinosaur Coloring Pages features hundreds of printable free dino coloring images for kids, whether you have a toddler, a preschool kid, or an older boy or girl. They’re easy to color and perfect for keeping children busy when it’s raining or dark outside. Visit our collections below if you and your little one want more and soon your home will turn into a dinosaur gallery! We feature dinosaur images to color for the holidays, sports, music, and more. All featuring a unique dinosaur!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Dinosaur Shop

Our shop features adorable dinosaur shirts for kids. We combined dinosaurs with themes like Sports, Holidays, Music, and more, to create the perfect shirt for young paleontologists. 

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