Coloring Page Letter M

Our coloring page letter M was inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

It features a Tyrannosaurus Rex with mushrooms in the background and the letter M in upper and lowercase.

Perfect for kids who start learning the alphabet, whether you have a toddler, a preschool kid, or an older child.

Just hit the download button, and a printable PDF opens.

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Dinosaurs have captured our imaginations for generations, and now you can bring these ancient creatures back to life with one easy click. Great for little kids between 4-9 years who dream about becoming paleontologists one day! Get the complete alphabet with all letters if you have one of those clever kids who want to learn more than one letter. It’s free to download.

Love our Letter M Coloring Page? Download the full Alphabet - FREE!

We offer DOZENS of dinosaur coloring pages – including all letters from A to Z and numbers from 1-9.


Kids love dinosaurs, and coloring pages are always a great way to keep your little one busy, creative, and entertained.


Perfect for rainy days, dark winter evenings, long car rides, or just to have some fun. And it helps to practice the alphabet!


All our pages are printable – No need to worry about pages being damaged or lost. If your child smears too much or tore a page apart, – just print out a new one!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Dinosaur Shirts

Our dinosaur coloring pages with letters are free to download. But if you want to support us get a shirt from our shop! We combined dinosaurs with themes like Sports, Bikes, Music, and more, to create the perfect shirts for every young dinosaur lover. 

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