The Letter Y Worksheet

Stop teaching your kids the alphabet the boring way! Learning is boring, coloring is fun! We fused both together to make learning fun. Our printable letter Y worksheet featuring an adorable dinosaur is perfect for teaching young boys and girls the alphabet.

Look how happy this little dinosaur with his yarn ball is. He could be happier, though! If there was just some little kid who could color him! Do you know a person who could help? Then hit the download button!

Our coloring pages are great for kids because they keep them busy on rainy days, on long roads, or if you visit boring relatives. While making learning fun and entertaining. Kids need to loosen up and take a break from the hectic, fast-paced world we live in. Our dinosaur coloring pages create an environment perfect for imagination, creativity, and relaxation.

Get all our Letter Working Sheets - Featuring Dinosaurs

The letter y worksheet is totally free – just hit the download button and print your freebie from home. If that’s all you need, awesome! Grab your page and let the coloring begin. If you want the complete alphabet, and trust me, if your little one loves dinosaurs, he or she wants the entire alphabet, get the full collection!


We feature dinosaur coring pages without letters as well, but with dozens of themes like holidays, traveling, sports, music, and more. Which young kid wouldn’t like a hot air balloon riding t rex? If you think that’s too silly, get our realistic dinosaur coloring pages!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

All our sets are printable, feature adorable dinosaurs, and are made for kids between 3 and 9. Although I heard some fathers love to color them more than their kids do. Good thing you can print them again, as often as you want!

If your little one loves dinosaurs, visit our shop! We combined dinosaurs with other themes to create the perfect shirts for your kids. X-Mas, Halloween, Music, Sports, Bikes, you name it! 

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