The Letter X Worksheet

Spice your little one’s education up with our Letter X Worksheet featuring a Xylophone playing dinosaur! Perfect for preschool and older kids who have to learn the alphabet. Our dinosaur coloring pages with letters are perfect for future paleontologists (or musicians) who just started with their education – and free to download! Hit the button or the picture and download your printable PDF. Easy to print, easy to color. All YOU need to have is a piece of paper, some colored pencils, and a little boy or girl that loves to color dinosaur pictures.

Perfect for preschool kids who are about to learn the alphabet and for older kids to reinforce letter recognition. No sign up necessary. Just hit the download button and print the letter X worksheet from home. 

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Do you like the idea of printing your own coloring pages from home?

Then visit our collection! It includes every letter, plus the numbers 1-9, and besides those many other themes featuring adorable dinosaurs. What are you waiting for?

Convince yourself with the letter X worksheet, and your little one will only want more!

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