Parasaurolophus – Realistic Dinosaur Coloring Pages

This dinosaur is called Paras… oh, that’s a long word… Parasa… sorry, again, just one more try!
Para – Sauro – Lophus!
I think we got it. This dinosaur is part of our realistic dinosaur collection because it’s one of the most famous dinosaurs. The Parasaurolophus is known for the bony crest on its head, and it’s one of the few dinosaurs that could walk both on four and two legs.

If you have a little boy or girl at home who loves dinosaurs and coloring – trust me, they’re going to love our coloring pages as well. And you’re going to love the price – it’s free! So just hit the download button or click on the dino picture and download and print out the PDF from home, and you’re ready to go.

It is perfect for keeping kids busy on long dark winter days, when it’s raining outside, or on long road trips. You’ll find the rest of our collection below.

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