Pterodactylus Coloring Pages

Grab our printable Pterodactylus Coloring Pages now for free! Lods love to color, and what’s more fun than spending the evening being creative? They’re also perfect for keeping boys busy during long road trips and on rainy days.


Just hit the download button or click the pictures and print your PDF from home.


Dinosaurs are unique animals. The thought of giant animals that lived over 66 million years ago appears magical to every child. And the fact that we don’t exactly know how they looked and lived inspires our fantasy and keeps us interested. 


Pterodactylus lived 150–148 million years ago and is the most famous Pterosaur. And with a wingspan of three feet, also one of the smallest!


If you’d like to see all our free dinosaur coloring pages hit the button below – we have hundreds of dinosaurs just waiting to be colored.

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