Printable Trucks Coloring Pages

Download our printable dinosaur coloring pages with trucks for free! Just click the picture your kid wants to color and print the PDF! Perfect for keeping kids busy during a bad weather day, on a long road, or during an alien invasion. If you think a dinosaur driving a truck is unrealistic, let me tell you this: You can’t prove that they didn’t drive one, and that’s a fact. 😀

Dinosaurs driving a truck.
T Rex in a cement mixer.
Raptor in a front loader.
A Fire Truck or fire engine.
Tyrannosaurus driving a excavator.


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Dinosaurs in Trucks Coloring Sheets - Easy to print and color

If your little one is a coloring addict, feel free to scroll down and visit all our collections. We’ve got dozens of free printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids who love to color. Like this plane for instance. Bring your kids’ imagination to life on the page with our wide selection of dinosaur coloring sheets. From T Rex to Triceratops, we have pages for just about every interest and skill level, as long as your little boy or girl loves dinosaurs. Turn a blank picture into your kids’ canvas with pencils, markers, or watercolors. Enjoy! 

Our trucks coloring pages give kids a chance to bring the world of vehicles and heavy equipment to life. Our free coloring pages with trucks include fire trucks, garbage trucks, cement mixers, and an excavator. 

We worked hard to create the perfect coloring pages for kids who love trucks and dinosaurs! It’s not easy to combine an excavator with a dinosaur, but guess what? We made it! And you can download this and other pictures as a PDF and print them from home. Free! If you want to support us, visit our shop! You may find your or your little one’s new favorite shirt, mug, or art print there.

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