Kids Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Add a little color to your kids day with our printable dinosaur coloring pages. Choose from dozens of fantasy and realistic scenes that include not only kids’ favorite dinosaurs, but also themes like Christmas, farming, traveling, and more!

We provide 14 free examples for you, so that you can convince yourself – your little one will love them! Just wait how RAWRSOME they will look on your refrigerator.

Just hit the download button and keep your child busy for hours!

We offer 3 different collections: Dinosaur fantasy characters (Christmas, Halloween, professions, music, etc.), numbers and letters, and realistic dinosaur coloring pages for kids who think Santa Claus riding on a raptor is too silly (which it isn’t!)!

This AD-RAWR-ABLE set of cool dino coloring page features numbers and letters, perfect for kids who are learning.

The A-ROAR-ABLE dinosaur coloring pages feature dozens of pictures, including tractor, Christmas, Astronauts, and more.

The realistic dinosaur coloring pages were made for those who think tractor driving dinosaurs are too silly. 

Kids love our dinosaur coloring pages because they feature so many different themes! 

But how do YOU like the idea of printing your pages from home?

You can print out any page as often as you want – so your little one can color the same page twice. Or 75 times, it doesn’t matter! 

If he smeared too much or your dog eats one – it doesn’t matter – print out a new one!

It’s probably not healthy for your dog, though.

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