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Let your little paleontologist’s dreams come true with a kit of dinosaur eggs! Each of the dozen includes a different dinosaur figure and the fact cards with history and characteristics of the discovered dinosaur make this set not only a RAWRtastic idea for a your little one’s birthday party – but also a great educational gift for every boy or girl.

Make going to bed a fun adventure with a Dinosaur Night Light with 3D effect and let a T Rex, a Stegosaurus or a Triceratops guard your child while it’s sleeping!

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Add some adventure to your little one’s nights with this Dino-Tastic Pajama for boys and girls with a love for the extinct reptiles! Warning: The presentee might wear his or her gift all day!

Transform your child into the cutestΒ  Dinosaur that has ever lived! And how do you want to name your newly discovered dino? How about: Cute-osaurus!


Whether these dinosaurs died from disease, old age or an asteroid impact – they’re still making a damn good impression on this pajama for boys and girls.


Your kid wants to be a dinosaur? Let your kid be a dinosaur! With this rawrsome dinosaur costume pajama for kids! How do you wanna name your new discovered dinosaur? We recommend – Fluffy-O-Sauros!

A RAWRSOME Christmas for every boy and girl who loves dinosaurs is almost guaranteed with this funny Tyrannosaurus Rex Pajama – Perfect for the Holidays!

There’s actually no way to proove that T Rex wasn’t pink and fluffy. This dinosaur pajama comes with a second pajama for a doll or plush bear.

Two reasons why brontosaurus had a long neck – 1) because it helps them to eat leaves from high trees 2) because when God created the brontosaur, he (or she) knew they would make great paper holders and every bathroom or kitchen. Perfect for a household with kids.

A tyrannosaurus rex wine bottler holder – the perfect gift for every little bo.. no. No, actually not. No. Just no. Don’t buy this as a gift for a child. Really… But it makes a dinotastic gift for a grown-up boy who’s old enough to enjoy a good bottle with his friends.

Have you ever wondered why the Tyrannosaurus Rex had such short arms? It’s because it makes them better toilette paper holder! Change my mind!

What is a WINO SAUR? A dinosaur that drinks a lot. Not to be confused with a WHINO SAUR. A dinosaur that whines a lot.


Hands down – you need this Raptor Wine Stopper. Why? Because you love dinosaurs and wine, but you’ve got some damn good self control which is why you don’t finish a bottle in one go. Get yours now and add the that certain RAWR to your wine rack!

RAWR up your little one’s lunch time with this RAWRsome dinosaur pattern lunch box for kids!

Add some style to your little one’s feet with Extra-Trex-trial toddler shoes for the extra-cool kid! I wonder if there are planets out there where dinosaurs still exist?!?! Hmm!

Perfect shoes for your little dinosaur – these shoes make sure their feet won’t get as dirty as a dinosaur when playing in the mud!

Transform your or your little one’s feet into dinosaur paws! So cozy, warm and playful – every dinosaur would wear them!

Here’s your little one’s new favorite book! Full of Dinosaur stories and pictures for the growing paleontologist!

This is not a book – it’s an adventure! And an artwork. And, well … a book! Open it and dinosaurs will pop up! Wow! I mean.. ROOWR

Boys and girls of all ages, mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa, good and naughty kids, big and small, everyone loves the beloved classic TV Show DINOSAURS – rumors say there are people who don’t 100% LOVE them, but as we said, just rumors – now available on DVD – fun for the whole family whenever you want.

Want to keep your little one busy? Turn on the TV and kick this Dinomentary in! Planet Dinosaur is as entertaining as educational and kids love it.

Here’s your child’s or grandchilds new best friend! A super huggable dinosaur companion for the nap or nighttime of your young paleontologist.

These dinosaurs call a vulcano their home! Why? It’s warm and cozy!

Fluffy, cozy and soft – perfect for a young dino lover but you may want to keep it for yourself! Careful if you’ve got a T-Rex as well, they might prey on it.

No more fear of demons, monsters, witches, ghosts and vampires – this dino nightlight will lighten up the children’s room and prove it’s free from unholy spirits.

Soft, friendly, affordable and doesn’t bite – what more can you ask for? This dinosaur makes a perfect gift for a young child, but you may want to keep this guy or girl for yourself!

Perfect to feed your little dinosaur – on a nursing pillow with little dinosaurs!

Think big – this 18″ stuffed Triceratops makes the perfect companion to hug and cuddle for the nap and night time of your young paleontologist. RAWRSOME!

A dinosaur play mat for kids and grown up’s! Well actually not for grown up’s, but your child may allow you to play with his dinosaurs if you just ask nicely?

Perfect for your young dinosaur to hide from cheek pinching relatives!

AdRAWRable gift for children who love race cars and dinosaurs – who wouldn’t enjoy a drive through a dinosaur park like this?

Ever wondered what your child would do if it could take control over a dinosaur? Time to figure it out, with this remote control Tyrannosaurus Rex!

And this is how you turn bath time into an prehistoric adventure! Drop an “egg” into the tub and watch it “explode” in the water. Every “egg bomb” includes a different dinosaur figure!

Ok, this T Rex toy is huge! Not as huge as a real Tyrannosaurus but god damn huge! So huge that it’s able to swollow other, not so huge dinosaurs. Yep, that’s really huge.Β 

Cozy, soft and super cute – this bathrobe is perfect for a young dinosaur lover and a great birthday or Christmas gift. Or just for the heck of it – childhood is too short for only 2 gifts per year.

A dinosaurtastic shirt for a dinosaurtastic boy – as everyday wear or for a special occasion like his birthday – may cause envy friends and neighbors.

Transform your face into a dinosaur with this cool Tyrannosaurus Rex shirt! May cause a bigger trauma than getting attacked by a real T Rex, depending on your physical shape.

The dinosaur shirt for a mommy-saurus! Warning: May turn some people into an envy-o-saurs.

Perfect shirt for your boy-o-saurus birthday number FOWRR –

Send your little cowbo.. sorry, dinosaurboy on an prehistoric adventure – Who wants to ride a ROCKING HORSE if you can ride a ROCKING DINOSAUR!

Here’s it! The dinosaur costume for adults you’re waiting for! Not bad for Halloween, but honestly – it would be so much better to wear it in your office, at your wedding or in your church. Have fun.

Ever dreamed of riding a dinosaur? Here’s your chance! Well, at least this costume makes your look like you’re riding a dinosaur.

Is it a child? Is it a dinosaur? It’s a CHILDOSAUR! If you’d like to transform your little one into a fluffy adorable triceratops boy or girl – that’s the way to go!

Screw all these overly cute dinosaur costumes! This year your little one transforms into a bad*** dinosaur skeleton! RAWWRR

Yeah the title is weird, but Pterodactylus literally means winged finger. We don’t name dinosaurs – not our fault! Not completely sure if this costume is meaned to make the child look like a Pterodactylus or like a Pterodactylus that just ate a child – but it looks damn cool.

*romm* *romm* *romm* *bbrrcch* MOM IS DINNER READY YET?

Don’t mess with mommysaurus – you’ll get jurasskicked

Mommysaurus raises her kids with love and that’s why they love her back <3 AdRAWRable

TEA-REX knows how to start the day – with a sh*tload of caffeine! Get this mug if you start your day like TEA REX does.

Need something “stronger” with your coffee, tea or chocolate milk? If so, give this dinosaur mug a chance – because the Tyrannosaurus Rex was definitely very strong! Careful if used in your office – your co workers may transform into an envy-o-saurus!

Don’t be a cuntasaurus – because life’s too short to be a cuntasaurus. Not to be confused with a cuteasaurus

The Daddysaurus Mug – Perfect gift for fathers day or a birthday or a new or soon to be dad!

Impress your friends and family with these rawrsome birthday invitations cards – perfect for the birthday of your little cute-o-saur! You can edit name, age and dates if you press “Personalize”! Happy birthday!

Your little dinosaurs birthday is coming closer and you need ROARSOME birthday invitation cards? Those will make a good impression on friends and family! If you want to change dates, name and age hit the “Personalize” button. Happy Birthday!

So you’re about to become a mommysaurus – Congratulations! It’s time to spread the world – let everyone know about the adventure you’re going on with an invite to your baby shower.

Your little girlosaurus is growing older! Time to plan a big party and invite all her friends! And here are the perfect invitation cards for your little girl.

We don’t know for sure if the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid, through diseases or because the almighty had to make room for Adam and Eve (which would be super bad because you can’t just kill all your pets and get two new ones) but if it was due to climate change, this VEGGIESAURUS tried it’s best to fight it by not eating meat. Good Dino!

Add some RAWR to your little one’s home with this printable Dinosaur artwork. Perfect to decorate the children’s room of a growing paleontologist.

Add some πŸ¦– RAWR πŸ¦• to your children’s bedroom or nursery with our dinosaur SET of 6 cool dinosaur printables! Decorate the dinosaur themed nursery of your and your little one’s dreams! Printing art from home is fast, easy and affordable – and much better than getting a real dinosaur!

πŸ¦• What do boys love more than anything else?! Chocolate! We can’t help you with that BUT do you know what else boys love? DINOSAURS! That’s why this printable 2 part Tyrannosaurus Rex makes perfect wall art for a boys room! πŸ¦–

Printing your own wall art from home makes decorating for your little cute-osaurus easy and affordable. Did you know that getting Dinosaur prints is much better than getting a real dinosaur pet? Here’s why:
πŸ‘‰ you don’t need to feed them
πŸ‘‰ you don’t need to walk them
πŸ‘‰ they won’t eat up your child
πŸ‘‰ they won’t make noise
πŸ‘‰ won’t starve if you’re on vacation

Here’s something your child will love! A dinosaur backpack perfect for kindergarten, school, sports and travel! Hey, have you seen the T Rex teeth? White and clean! Wow!

Transform your child into a cuddle-saurus with this jumpsuit for small children! Who doesn’t want a little dinosaur at home?

Let your junior paleontologist play in the rain like a dinosaur without getting feet as dirty as a dinosaur!

Turn your daughter’s or granddaughter’s bedtime to a prehistoric adventure and let her fall asleep surrounded by dinosaurs!

It’s party time! Here’s a set of dinosaur themed party decorations for your little girlosaurus prehistoric birthday!

Let your son or daughter feel like the ruler of dinosaurs while falling asleep – with the cutest, super soft, comfortable bedding ever. RAWRSOME!

So you have one of those wild creatures at home that won’t stop playing outside even if it’s rainy and muddy? RAWRSOME! That’s what makes a real adventurer! And these rain boots are the perfect accessories to make sure your girl’s feet won’t get as dirty as dinosaur feet while having fun outside!

This birthday party will be dinomyte! Save time and nerves with this dinosaur set for the big day – wwwowwws and ooohhs almost guaranteed

A win win for girls who love dinosaurs and unicorns – this dress makes perfect everyday wear for your junior paleontologist!

A Dinosaur dress for an adROARdable girl

It’s not just a dress – it’s an artwork! This dinotastic dress could be the favorite piece of your little adventurer this summer

Do you know what’s better than getting a real dinosaur as pet? Getting this stuffed plush dinosaur as pet! Think about it: This one isn’t noisy, doesn’t bite, is super soft (especially compared to a real dinosaur) and you don’t have to feed it. Much better than a real dinosaur!

The sparkle-saurus is a friendly, joyful and intelligent girlosaur, sometimes wild, and always loved by it’s parents.

Dinosaurs were cold blooded creatures and if they would exists today, they would probably want to wear a hoodie like that.

The purse for a stylosaur! This dinosaur purse proves how well fashion and dinosaurs fit together. RAWRSOME

Hide your pets and your fragile porcelain – a cute-osaurus was spotted at your home! Don’t worry, it’s a super adorable and friendly creature, but as wild as a prehistoric creature.

Need a break or some time for yourself? Then keep your little childosaur busy with a dinosaur puzzle for kids!

Even after massive research we couldn’t figure out if the taco-saurus aka omnomnom-osaurus, ever lived, but one thing is for sure – we couldn’t find a single proof that it didn’t.

This is how you turn your little one’s bedtime into a prehistoric adventure! With glow in the dark dinosaur stickers for kids. An addition to every children’s room or nursery.

Transform your children’s room or nursery into a prehistoric world of dinosaurs, vulcanos and happiness with wall decals for kids.

Here’s a fun way to teach your child the alphabet! 1) Get dinosaur wall decals from a-z and put them up 2) tell your son or daughter if they won’t learn on a daily base, those dinosaurs come to live and eat them up! Ugh, Sorry, we’re just kidding. However, putting educational dinosaur wall decals on your kids room wall is a fun way to learn the alphabet.

A roawring game for the whole family – the fun starts when those who aren’t paleontologists try to pronounce the dinosaur names right. Enjoy!

Looking for some entertainment for your whole family? How about a round d-UNO-saur? A ROAWRSOME game especially for boys!

A hit for your little one’s birthday party, your baby shower, for Halloween or just so – because who needs a special day to make delicious dinosaur cookies?!

Perfect for kindergarten, school, and long roads – this πŸ¦– brilliant πŸ¦– dinosaur πŸ¦– lunch box is πŸ¦– exactly πŸ¦– what πŸ¦– boys want if they love dinosaurs. RAWRMAZING!

When you saw the first gnome on your lawn you thought how cute they are, right? But now an army of gnomes is invading your lawn and the cats can’t keep up! Here’s your solution! The gnome murdering dinosaur! And soon they’ll be history!

What if all we know about dinosaurs was a lie and they really died out because they’re full of delicious treats and prehistoric doggos killed them for food? Well, that’s our theory. Try to prove us wrong – but this dinosaur is full of food and your dog will love it IF we’re right!

Do you sometimes wonder if humans become extinct one day and a future, highly intelligent species in about 65 million years will make tiny human-shaped toys for their pets?

Long gone are the RAWRFUL days when dogs had to hunt ducks, foxes, and rabbits! The modern dog goes for dinosaurs! Go Figgo!

For those who aren’t afraid to take a shower next to the almighty T REX! Perfect for kids and adults with a good sense of humor! This T Rex Shower Head makes an awesome accessory for your bathroom!

Add some prehistoric life to your bathroom – perfect if you have kids!

Hand over this gun to your child and let it fight off prehistoric pests like raptors and mammoths! BANG BANG BANG BANG. Sorry, we mean .. BLUB BLUB BLUB

What if the dinosaurs died out because of bad body hygiene?? A problem you and your children may not face because who wouldn’t want to shower all day with a dinosaur shower curtain like this!?

If the dinosaurs had a headlamp like this, they would have seen the asteroid coming and still be alive! Yeah, that’s a joke but this headlamp is perfect for a young toddler-saur who enjoys good picture books in the dark, night walks or camping.

Turn dinner for your cute-osaurus into a prehistoric adventure! The Meal plate is perfect to divide meat, potatoes, and veggies! Of course, a real Tyrannosaurus Rex just wants meat, meat, meat! But it’s a really cool plate and makes eating easier for a young child!

What if the dinosaurs died out because of bad body hygiene?? A problem you and your children may not face because who wouldn’t want to shower all day with a dinosaur shower curtain like this!?

The OMNOMNOMNOMSAUR was a nacho-eating dinosaur that lived about 324 years ago – it’s also known to eat fries, chips, nuts, candy, popcorn, and pretzels. Just like with the Taco-Saurus Rex, there’s no proof that the OMNOMNOMSAUR has ever walked on earth, but there’s also no proof that it didn’t.

A Tricera-taco-ps. You, if you were a dinosaur. The Tricera-TACO-ps loves to wear tacos on his back. He’s fine with bread, waffles, and sandwiches if he can’t find tacos, – but tacos are king. Hungry yet?

MRAWRRRY CHRRAWWRRISTMARRS RAWRYBRODRAWRY! That means “Merry Christmas” in dinosaur!

A BEER POCKET! Let me says that again! THIS UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER HAS A BEER POCKET! A pocket! for! BEER! Okay. Sorry. We’re just… excited. I mean have you seen a sweater with A BEER POCKET before? And then with dinosaurs on it. πŸΊπŸ¦–

This is the least Christmassy ugly Christmas sweater we’ve ever seen – but it’s a damn good looking ugly Christmas sweater and it has dinosaurs on it – which is why we think it belongs here!

Well yeah, eh? Wtf? No ideas how to describe this. Well, it’s a sweater, .. it’s ugly and has Santa Claos on it, who’s obviously riding a Dinosaur with .. pizza shoes. Or so. We don’t now but it looks super cool and includes a dinosaur – and everything that includes super cool dinosaurs belongs to our site. End of story!

Yeah that’s a T Rex and he breathes lightning or something and wears a Santa Claus hat and holds a Christmas ornament in his super shorthands and everywhere are gifts and a Christmas tree and there are a night sky and mountains in the background and oh my gosh I’ve had too much caffeine and wait why is Christmas the tree on fire?

We’re having a hard time finding the ugliest Christmas Sweaters for you – because nothing that includes dinosaurs is ugly. One more reason for you to wear a Christmas Sweater featuring dinosaurs – like this one! Happy RAWRYDAYS

Be different – Bored of lions, tigers, horses and all those typical animals you see on shirts? No? Well, true that animal shirts rock. However – here’s something different – A modern Dinosaur design for grown-ups who still love dinosaurs.

And this dear friends is how the dinosaurs really disappeared.

A dress for the mommysaurus for a dinosaur themed birthday party or baby shower!

Do you like dinosaurs but don’t want to look like one? Then make sure you always carry your makeup with you – with this super ADRAWRABLE dinosaur makeup bag

Keep your little child-osaur busy with a dinosaur coloring book for kids! Whether you want to keep your child busy because you need some time to chill or if you want to support its creative skills, the Dinosaur Coloring Book is perfect for a young dino lover!

So you survived long enough to call yourself an adult. Congratulation! If you still like dinosaurs and coloring pages – here’s a book for you! The Dinosaur Coloring Book with stress relieving patterns is just like made for you!

Once a king of his time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has become a symbol for the wild and free! Add some RAWR to your outfit while expressing your untameable personality at the same time with a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Necklace!

The Tanystropheus was a 20 ft long reptile and no one knows for sure if it was an aquatic, semi-aquatic or on the terrestrial living animal, all we know fur sure is it had a super long neck which was perfect to hold jewelry.


This Tyrannosaurus Rex looks more like a Cuto-Saurus Rex. Everyone makes us think the T Rex was a mean savage, wild, angry, aggressive animal – but what if he actually was an adorable, friendly dinosaur who just likes to collect jewelry so he could look and feel like a princess? I mean, after all, even the most loved people will look angry and mean if you bury them out 66 million years after they died!

You identify as a Dinosaur but your head looks somewhat human-like? Change your appearance with this hat! Perfect for everyone who identifies as a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Try this hat if your child-osaur doesn’t want to wear a winter hat when going outside! It’s cozy, warm and looks dinosaurtastic on every child’s head.

A rawrsome cap for a rawrsome child – this cap is a fun accessory for young kids that love dinosaurs. And it somehow found it’s way into the warderobe of one or the other grown-up child too.

There’s a noise and it goes like this:



And if you hear it – throw a flare away from you AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Keep your little cuto-saurus head warm with a soft dinosaur hat for toddler – if the dinosaurs would still be alive – they would wear a hat like this!

Prepare yourself for an prehistoric adventure – You and your little neander-toddler will be taken back to the time when dinosaurs ruled the world! Discover all about dinosaurs in a playful and fun way !

Always be yourself – they say. It’s true, but it doesn’t apply if you can be a DINOSAUR! Transform your child into a Childosaur with this soft Crochet Dinosaur Hat for kids!

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