Coloring Page Letter U

Get our printable Coloring Page Letter U now and totally free! This adorable dinosaur won’t stay at home just because it’s raining. After all, what’s better than a walk through the rain on a beautiful summer day? 


Just grab an umbrella, and let’s go.


The Coloring Page with the Letter U is a free preview from our “Letters And Number” coloring ebook, which includes the whole alphabet and numbers 1-9 featuring cute dinosaurs.


It’s that easy: Hit the download button, print the PDF, and the fun can begin!

It’s free, and we’re not asking you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Our coloring ebook is a great way to get your kids excited about art and education. They love our pages because of the variety and versatility. The whole alphabet and many themes are covered in this set, such as professions, music, space travel, and all feature dinosaurs.

Get all dinosaur letter coloring pages from A to Z!

If the letter U is all you need – perfect! Grab your freebie and let your little one have some fun. Just wait, how awesome it looks on your refrigerator!


Or get the whole set now for free! You can print all our coloring pages from home as often as you wish.


If your kid smeared too much or wants to color the same page again, or your dog ate one, or if you have two kids or a whole classroom, and they all want to color the same page, or your spouse colored one before your children had the chance, or aliens attacked earth and your coloring page didn’t survive the attack and… okay now I’m going too far, but you get the point! 


Just print out a new one!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Our dinosaur coloring images are great for kids because they teach them how to stay within the lines, foster creativity, and introduce them to the world of patterns. With dozens of pages in different themes like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Professions, and music, your child will have hours of enjoyment.

Do you think a space-traveling Dinosaur is too silly?

If you think space-traveling dinosaurs are too silly, you’ll love these!

Our set of realistic dinosaur coloring pages is for young paleontologists in training. 


It includes famous dinosaurs like tyrannosaurus rex, brontosaurus, plesiosaurus, etc. With realistic backgrounds, trees, vulcanos, fern, and palms. 


These will keep your child busy on long roads, when visiting boring relatives, or on rainy days. 


Unless, of course, your little one is like the T Rex from our Letter U example and enjoys a rainy day outside.

Visit our shop if you have a little dinosaur lover at home who could need a new shirt. We combined dinosaurs and themes from Christmas to Halloween, Music Sports, Space, and more to create the perfect shirts for kids.

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