Coloring Page Letter S

Don’t tell me you’ve seen a saxophone playing dinosaur before! The Coloring Page Letter S is just one of our free alphabet dinosaur coloring pages for preschool or older kids.


Just hit the download button, and you’ll get a printable PDF to print out from home.Trust me, your little one will love it! 

Get a full set - All Letters featuring unique dinosaurs

Coloring pages are an essential part of childhood.

Besides being a lot of fun, coloring books help children develop many skills like color recognition. The simple repetitive motions children use to color with a crayon or marker help them develop hand-eye coordination.

Also, the focus required to color within the lines helps children practice their fine motor skills. In addition to these benefits, coloring allows children to relax and reduce stress, be creative and imaginative.

We combined learning, coloring, and dinosaurs to create the perfect activity for young paleontologists. If you tried them once, believe me, your only regret is that you didn’t get them earlier.

So get your free coloring page letter S now and convince yourself.


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Besides our printable coloring pages with letters, you’ll find dinosaur images to color with numbers, for holidays, with themes like music, space, farming, and more here on


Our coloring pages are free, but if you want to support us get a dino shirt from our shop! Your little one’s next favorite shirt is just waiting. 

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