Coloring Page Letter B – Featuring a Dinosaur

Coloring Page Letter B featuring a dinosaur.

Meet the adorable T Rex who left the jungle behind to get his very own farm – including a barn!

Now a peaceful farmer, he can do all the things that dinosaurs love to do, like… leaf raking!

This farm coloring page featuring the letter B in upper and lowercase will fascinate any young child.

You don’t even need to subscribe – hit the button and download your PDF for free.

Just print it out at home and hand it over to your little kid, along with some pencils (and a smile).


Fun, adventure, and education await! Fill their world with joy, colors, and happiness on a dark, cold rainy day, or a long car ride.

Perfect for little adventurers who love getting up close and personal with nature.

Getting More Than The Coloring Page Letter B

If the free letter B coloring page is all you need – perfect! Grab your sheet and let the fun begin! 

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If your little one loves dinosaurs, he or she is going to love these dinosaur coloring pages for kids! 

They contain many detailed images featuring the most famous dinosaurs of all time. 

Your kids will love them, and you can proudly display their artistic skills on a beautiful gallery wall!

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