When was the Triassic period?

The Triassic period started 251 million years ago and ended with the Jurassic Period 201 million years ago. This period lastest 50 million years.

What is the Triassic period?

It was the first of three periods (Triassic -> Jurassic -> Cretaceous) of the Mesozoic Era, which lasted from about 252 to 66 million years ago. It was also the beginning of a new era after an extinction event of the Permian Era (ended 251 million years ago), which wiped out a massive amount of animal species and opened niches for the first dinosaurs.

The Triassic Period was a time of significant change and a big event

During the Triassic period, there were no flowering plants, but ferns grew abundantly as amphibians roamed the land and ichthyosaurs swam in Earth’s oceans. The first dinosaurs evolved from archosaur ancestors during this era.
They reached 1-2 meters (3.2-6.4 feet), relatively small compared to dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras.
The first mammals evolved during this period as well. Small rodent-like mammals scurried through the undergrowth in search of food, but larger mammal groups did not develop before the era of dinosaurs was over.

There are 3 different Epochs during the Triassic period

Late Triassic

Rhaetian 208.5 – 201.3 Mya)

Norian(227 – 208.5 Mya)

Carnian(237 – 227 Mya)

Middle Triassic 

Ladinian(242 – 237 Mya)

Anisian(247.2 – 242 Mya)

Early Triassic 

Olenekian(251.2 – 247.2 Mya)

Induan(251 – 251.2 Mya)

Fascinating dinosaurs and other animals from the Triassic period were:

Fascinating dinosaurs and other animals from the Triassic period were: The first dinosaurs, like Coelophysis. However, they were pretty small compared to dinosaurs from the Jurassic era, and other big animals like the Rauisuchia, a crocodilian-like reptile, preyed on them. In addition, some small mice-like mammals existed, lizards, turtles, and amphibians like the salamander. The first insects like grasshoppers appeared during the Triassic period, and of course, spiders. And the famous pterosaur (who wasn’t a dinosaur but a flying reptile) started to conquer the air.

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