Sport Coloring Pages

Sport is healthy and fun! Guess what’s fun too? Coloring dinosaurs! We combined sport and dinosaurs to create the best possible coloring pages for kids. Whether you need something to color for a boy or a girl, our pictures are perfect for keeping dinosaur lovers busy on rainy days, when it’s dark outside, or just for fun. Even though sports may burn more calories than coloring. Download the printable PDF now for free and let the fun begin.

These sport coloring pages help build the imagination of children who may be planning out their professional sports careers and were made especially for kids who love dinosaurs. Each picture is detailed and features an athletic dinosaur! The perfect role model for a kid that wants to become a good athlete… or a dinosaur!

You may say dinosaurs playing basketball, baseball, soccer, or football aren’t realistic, but guess what? While we can’t prove that real dinosaurs loved sport, you can’t prove us wrong!


All our printable coloring pages are for personal, non commercial use.

Printable Basketball Coloring Page.

Free Baseball Playing Dinosaur Coloring Page.

This cute T Rex loves playing football. Download the coloring sheet for free!

If your little one loves dinosaurs, soccer, and coloring, this is the perfect picture to color!

Free Printable Dino Coloring Sheets For Kids

Keep your kids busy with our Sports Coloring Pages for Kids. These free printable coloring pages are ideal for motivating every dinosaur lover and sports enthusiast to make the most of rainy and cold days. From baseball and football to soccer and basketball, we have the ideal coloring sheets for kids. Each page contains a unique dinosaur. And the best? You can download the PDF for FREE! features hundreds of printable dinosaur coloring pages for kids, with fun themes like Holidays, Music, Sports, Space, etc. 

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