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Rain can’t hold this cute dinosaur back from taking a walk outside. In fact, quite the opposite. It just grabbed an Umbrella and enjoyed the fresh air that comes with a rain shower. I’ve got to tell you that I prefer spending rainy days at home because it’s just so cozy. And our dinosaur coloring pages “umbrellas” are perfect for keeping kids busy who feel the same way. So if your kid wants to color umbrellas at home rather than holding one in the cold rain, hit the download button and print out the free PDF!

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We combined dinosaurs with themes like holidays, sports, professions, space travel, etc. to create unique coloring pages for kids who love dinosaurs. These animals fascinate kids since their discovery, and the more we discover about them, the more interested we are. Our dino pictures are the perfect way to open the world of dinosaurs to children, whether you need something to color for young boys or girls, a baby, toddler, preschool, or older child. 

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From our shop

From our shop

Guess what? offers dozens of free printable dinosaur coloring pages, just like the Umbrella one. We’ve got everything the heart of young paleontologists desires. From Christmas to Halloween, Easter, and spring to realistic dinosaur coloring pages. No matter if you need something for a baby, a toddler, for a preschool child, or an 8-year-old kid, we’ve got you covered! Soon, your home will turn into a gallery of dinosaur artworks painted by your child.

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