Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Sheet

This adorable T Rex has just become a new mum. Congratulations! Can you see how proud she is? Can you see the happiness in her eyes?


Here’s the problem though! She and her newborn look way too pale! Which is problaly normal after getting a new child (I don’t judge).


Do you know a young person, maybe a future paleontologist, who’s ready to give her some color?


Then hit the download button! 

Print out this free Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Sheet and let your little one have some fun using crayons, markers, paint, glitter or anything else you can think of to let his or her artistic abilities shine! No sign up necassary!

Where to get a full set?

Just a warning! Our coloring pages are highly addictive. Once you give them to your child, they will want more! If that’s happening… good news! We offer 3 sets with dozens of dinosaur coloring pages to fulfill your needs.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Sheet is part of our set with realistic dinosaurs.

Besides those, we have a set of dinosaur characters with themes like Christmas, Halloween, Traveling, Music, and many professions (like a police officer or a firefighter).

Our third set is with letters and numbers, so your kid can get some education while coloring.

This AD-RAWR-ABLE set of cool dino coloring page features numbers and letters, perfect for kids who are learning.

The A-ROAR-ABLE dinosaur coloring pages feature dozens of pictures, including tractor, Christmas, Astronauts, and more.

The realistic dinosaur coloring pages were made for those who think tractor driving dinosaurs are too silly. 

Print Your Own Dinosaur Coloring Sheet

Printing your coloring pages is easy, fast, and affordable! You can print out as much as you want. If your child smeared too much, tears a sheet apart, wants to color the same page again, or if you have more than one kid wanting to paint the same sheet – print out another! 



Is our tyrannosaurus rex coloring sheet not enough to convince you? Take our free printable dinosaur coloring pages



If your little one loves dinosaurs and coloring, he or she will love our sets! They’re perfect to keep them busy on rainy days or long roads.


The only issue you might face is that your kid won’t stop coloring once it started!

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