LGBT Rex, Shirt For Women, Dinosaur Shirts, Gay Rights


Our LGBT Rex shirt for women is perfect for you if you love dinosaurs and gay rights! It’s also a fun gift idea for a woman with humor who loves dinosaurs. The soft fabric feels great on your skin, while the high-quality screen printing ensures your design will withstand frequent washing and remain vibrant. This funny dinosaur design is available on clothes, like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more.

Our LGBT Rex dinosaur shirt is a must-have for all dino lovers, who will be reminded of their favorite things: gay rights and dinosaurs. And it’s also great for any party or event!

We love dinosaurs, and we especially love the idea of a T-Rex with a rainbow flag cape supporting gay rights. So, we created this funny dinosaur t-shirt with a little bit of naughty humor and a lot of good taste. Get yours now!

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