Colouring Pages of Sea Creatures – Mosasaurus

Download our printable sea creatures colouring pages now for free! If you got a young boy or girl at home, who loves to color animal pictures, click the picture or the button and get a free PDF of our Mosasaurus!
There’s nothing better than spending cold days at home, drinking hot chocolate, while coloring prehistoric sea creatures!
Perfect for keeping kids creative and entertained while you’re busy doing fun things like cleaning the bathroom. 😀

Did you know? Mosasaurus isn’t a dinosaur. It’s a prehistoric marine reptile that lived 82 to 66 million years ago. It’s also one of the scariest sea creatures that ever roamed the earth and looked like some colossal fish-crocodile – a fast swimmer with sharp teeth. You wouldn’t get me into the sea if it were still alive.

We’ve got more free printable colouring pages of dinosaurs for you here:

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